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Heating Installation Services for Kalamazoo Residents

If you have recently purchased a home in Portage, something that you will certainly need to consider is heating installation. In fact, it is not just new homeowners that need to worry about their HVAC systems. Heating systems that integrate boilers and furnaces are extremely complex and need to be maintained frequently in order for homeowners to retain both comfort and safety.

Our professionals at Dan Wood Co with their knowledge, experience and expertise, have managed to serve many satisfied homeowners in Portage, assisting them with repairs and other heating installations.

Heating Services for Your Home in Kalamazoo MI,

If you have a furnace or boiler in your home in Portage, you will need no explanation as to why you need a heating maintenance service. Furnaces and boilers integrate a variety of components, each of which needs to be functioning at a high level for the entire heating system to work in an energy-efficient manner. Before we perform any work, we inspect your home's blueprints in order to get a clear idea of how the heating system has been installed.

Once we have identified deficiencies and faulty components, we will carefully remove, repair and replace parts so that your heating system causes you no problems, especially in winter when you need it the most. Furnaces and boilers often encounter problems with ignition, flame-retention burners and other such components. When these fail, you heating system may only work sporadically, and in more serious cases, become a potential health hazard.

We will take care to analyze the quality of air circulating in your home, and implement measures to filter out unwanted materials like carbon monoxide, particulates and dust.

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Furnaces and boilers usually come with shelf lives of approximately ten to fifteen years. However, they only work for that long if proper maintenance is conducted at least once every six months. Contact a representative of Dan Wood Co today to learn more about your heating system and to create an appropriate maintenance schedule.

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