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Tired of Clogged Bathroom Drains in Kalamazoo?

As a plumbing firm with our main office in Portage we can conveniently and affordably get to homes in Kalamzoo, Three Rivers and of course portage. Almost daily we get calls from home owners saying, "Every time we took a shower, the tub would get so full of water because the Bathroom tub drain wasn’t able to keep up with the water from the shower, and when the kids took a bath and that it would take forever to drain out."

They share how frustrating it is for a mom that needs to get the little ones into the tub for the bath and the kids insist on filling it so they enjoy their toys and boats, etc. However then there are the teenagers who need to get in to the shower complain because they want to get into a clean drained tub not stand in their brother or sisters bath water.

Last week we got a call from a family that finally decided to take care of a problem that has been driving our family crazy for months. The mom shared, "Our Kalamazoo home's bathroom drains were so clogged that the tub would take hours to drain completely. While my little children didn't mind this as they still got to enjoy playing with their bath toys during their bath our teenagers were not so happy trying to take a shower afterwards. Since the tub was not fully drained for so long the rest of the family would have to take a shower standing in the water from the children's bath."

Our Plumbers Serve Portage, Kalamazoo and surrounding areas

"To fix this we decided to call some portage plumbers to help us out. This is when we heard of Dan Wood plumbing located in Portage and they said they service the entire Kalamazoo area. It turns out that they have helped a countless number of Kalamazoo homeowners fix bathroom drain problems as well as folks in Three Rivers fix bathroom drain problems too. We called them up and scheduled an appointment for the next day. When the plumber from Dan Wood arrived he explained that all that needed to be done was to blow out the plumbing under the tub as it was completely clogged after years of use. Dan Wood's plumber was very nice and he took care of our Kalamazoo home's drain problem with ease. Now we can all take our baths and showers without worrying about how long it will take the tub to drain.
We enjoyed working with the plumbers from Dan Wood Plumbing and we will certainly call them again in the future if we have another problem with our home's plumbing. If you have an issue in your home in Kalamazoo or Three Rivers then why not call a company that is located nearby in Portage that is both super friendly and really good."

Helping our community

Danwood has helped countless members of Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Three Rivers and Portage communities over the years to keep their plumbing system in good working condition. Our experienced technicians have the required skills and they know how to tackle any kind of job.

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