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Heating Installation and Repair Services in Your Kalamazoo MI Home

Have you recently purchased a home in Kalamazoo MI? Have you been living in one for years now, but haven't inspected your heating and ventilation system? Maintaining your HVAC system will go a long way in ensuring the comfort and safety of your family. Most homeowners do not consider that the heating systems in their home could be damaging their health or affecting their utility bills. Hiring a professional company to help you with heating installation or inspecting your heating system once every three to six months is always recommended.

The professionals at Dan Wood Co have the requisite experience and knowledge to conduct thorough furnace, boiler and general heating installation and maintenance services in your home.

Solutions to Your Heating Problems & Services in Kalamazoo MI

An HVAC system is quite complex. Apart from efficiently consuming energy to heat up your home using a furnace or a boiler, the system must also ensure that the air circulating in your home is high-quality. Before conducting any work, our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your home, carefully studying its blueprints.

Once we are satisfied, we will conduct any repairs required on your furnace or boiler. Furnaces and boilers integrate a variety of components like ignition systems and flame-retention burners that could endanger you if left untreated. In some cases, a problem may not be noticeable until you begin paying exorbitant sums of money on utilities every month.

Our technicians will also carefully analyze the contaminants in the air that circulates through your home. Gases like carbon monoxide are colorless and odorless and have the capacity to seriously damage your health if left unchecked. We will check all components to see if they are working properly, while putting measures in place to filter unwanted contaminants like dust, particulates, and gases.

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A furnace or a boiler is a significant investment, and as a homeowner you should expect one to last for at least ten years. That being said, it is also important to conduct professional maintenance on them from time to time. Consult the professionals at Dan Wood Co to learn more about your heating system and schedule an inspection.

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