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Common causes of drain clogs and blockages

The drain cleaning pros at Danwood have seen it all when it comes to the subject of clogged drains. We have unblocked a variety of materials - from toys to food and grease and even clothing. One of the simplest ways to prevent a drain clog is to remember a kitchen sink drain is not a garbage disposal but if something has prevented your drain from clearing we are here to help. In fact, clogged drains are such a common incidence that we have listed the most frequent culprits:

  • Greasy food poured down the drain, which congeals into a blockage
  • Cardboard and plastic from hygiene products
  • Baby wipes and ancillaries
  • Hair
  • Food scraps discarded from the kitchen, pasta and noodles dominating the waste products clogging the drains
  • Vegetable peels
  • Bath salts also clog the drain as they do not completely dissolve in the water
  • Soaps of all kinds as they by themselves do not clog a drain, but allow other debris and substances to coagulate into a solid mass causing clogs
  • Children's toys are also common, especially in toilet drains and in the bath tub

It is easy to avoid the annoyance of drain clogging. Simply monitor what you put down the drain. Remember that small particles permit other debris to clump together and clog the drain. The best way to avoid clogging is to put the possible clog inducing materials into a bag and throw them into the trash.

Clogging of kitchen and bath-tub drains

Our Battle Creek branch once investigated a client's home where a little child put a toy down the kitchen drain. It is a major problem which cannot be fixed by a plunger. Had the house owner not called us in time, it could have snowballed into a major issue. We used our precise tools to clear the obstruction.

There was another case in Portage where the bath-tub drain had no strainer and therefore became clogged due to the presence of a mixture of hair, soap and grime. We used our special tools to clear the drain and made sure that there was no lingering residue.

Helping our community

Danwood has helped countless members of Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Three Rivers and Portage communities over the years to keep their plumbing system in good working condition. Our experienced technicians have the required skills and they know how to tackle any kind of job.

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