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Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could find a reliable air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical service? This may sound crazy, but Dan Wood Company is licensed to do each of these jobs and makes it our business to do it right the first time. Each of our technicians is best-in-class in their respective fields, and we always have at least one professional from each discipline on staff, 24 hours a day. Our company has been around since 1908 and passed down through generations so we understand what it is to treat people like family.

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When to Replace an Air Conditioner

It is all too common for people to wait until their AC has completely failed before replacing it. This is understandable, because you probably want to squeeze the last bit of life you can before spending money on a new unit. However, if the thought of going without cold air is unbearable to you, knowing the signs that your air conditioner is failing is beneficial. While the following signs individually may just indicate an aging unit or another problem, when combined, these symptoms could be telling you it’s time to replace the unit:

  • Age- every appliance has a lifespan and an air conditioner is no different. 10-15 years the average life of a well-maintained unit. This number does not mean that the unit will die when it hits 15 years old, but it certainly will be running less efficiently than before
  • High electric bills- it’s common to see fluctuations in your energy bills over the course of a year. However, if it seems like your bill is steadily increasing at a rapid pace, chances are it has to do with an inefficient HVAC unit
  • Uncomfortable inside temperatures- the whole point of an AC unit is to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you can never find the cool relief you need in your home, a new unit may be what you need
  • Expensive repairs- constantly calling a professional to fix various issues will add up quickly. Consider how much you’re spending on repairs versus the cost of a new AC unit
  • Type of Freon- older air conditioners rely on a type of refrigerant called R22. This coolant is being phased out by the government making it expensive. Newer units use R410A which is far less costly than R22

Benefits of Professional Installation

You can probably call just about any handyman to install your new air conditioner. Unfortunately, there is a decent chance it will be installed incorrectly or possibly even damaged. There is also the possibility that you might give it a try yourself, adding an element of danger to the equation. With Dan Wood Company, our guys know how to properly install your unit to ensure the warranty stays intact and the risk of bodily harm is minimized.

On top of these benefits, we can walk you through the process of choosing the best air conditioner for the size of your home, your cooling needs, and your budget.

A Family Tradition

We understand that keeping your home and family safe and comfortable is a priority. We also understand that there are many companies that can provide AC services. However, Dan Wood Company takes pride in taking care of your family with extraordinary service--going above and beyond what the other guys will do.

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