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Dependable refrigerant leak repair services in the Portage area.

There is a large chance that you’ve had a refrigerant leak either in your home or auto air conditioner. When this type of leak happens, the substance responsible for converting warm air to cold air is lost, making it seem as though hot air is blowing through your vents. Allowing Dan Wood Company to inspect, diagnose, and repair the leak in your home’s AC is a far better option than continually adding refrigerant to your unit. We have over a century of experience in the heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and drainage fields, so why wouldn’t you choose us?!

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Diagnosing a Refrigerant Leak

Summer temperatures can get so hot that it may seem as though you’re constantly lowering the thermostat. Sometimes, you are actually constantly lowering the temperature but not feeling any change in your home. In this case, you may have a refrigerant leak. Here are a few other signs that your AC needs a repair:

  • Slightly cooler temperatures- sometimes after lowering the temperature, you may notice a slight decrease in the temperature. However, consider how much of a change was made on the thermostat versus the actual change in the environment
  • No cool air- one step further than only slightly cooler temperatures is having no cool temperatures. When the air feels the same as it does outside, it is likely to do with lack of (or no) refrigerant in your system
  • Hissing or gurgling noises- hearing a hissing noise coming from the air handler could indicate a smaller leak while gurgling noises are typical of a larger leak
  • Frozen coils- when there isn’t adequate refrigerant in the evaporator coils, the coils won’t properly absorb heat. This leads to the condensation on the coils freezing, and if ignored, could lead to far more expensive repairs
  • Higher electric bills- fluctuations in electricity bills are normal, and rising bills in the summer are common. However, if there is an extreme jump in cost, it could be due to the fact your AC is trying to keep up with the demand for cold air but doesn’t have the refrigerant to do so

Don’t Opt for a Quick Fix

It may be tempting to simply refill the refrigerant and go about your day. This will work for a period of time but the cost of constantly topping off refrigerant will likely cost you more than the repair itself. In addition to this, if you fail to add refrigerant for too long, you may end up having to replace the condenser which is far more expensive than repairing a simple leak. Another option that people consider is the use of sealants. These are also quick fixes and can cause blockages or fail over time.

Don’t Cut Corners--We Promise We Won’t

Many air conditioning repair companies may cut corners to make the most money in the least amount of time. We don’t do that! Calling a professional that you can trust is imperative because finding and repair a leak might be only half the battle. There could a bigger leak than initially thought or many small leaks, in which case it may be better to replace the refrigerant coil.

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No matter the source of the leak, Dan Wood Company can find it and suggest the best route to repair your AC unit. Call us today at (269) 216-0002 to ensure your air conditioner blows cold all summer!