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It isn’t uncommon for shady HVAC repair companies to ‘fix’ a problem with your air conditioner only for you to notice another malfunction a few weeks later. While not all contractors do this intentionally, it certainly can happen if the company is in need of ongoing work. With Dan Wood Company, you’ll not experience this issue. When we’re called to make a repair, we ensure it’s done properly and will let you know of any other potential issues that you may need to look into. Our goal is to diagnose any issue and present you with all possible solutions.

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Don’t Wait Until the Heat of the Summer

Air conditioners inevitably break when you need them most. Unfortunately, so does everybody else’s. A great practice to have is scheduling regular AC maintenance, preferably in the spring before it is too hot. With an annual check-up, our technicians can spot any potential problems, clean components, top the refrigerant off, and make sure the unit is running efficiently for summer. Taking care of problems early on can increase the longevity of your unit and lower energy costs.

Common Repairs Made to Air Conditioners

If your AC unit is less than 10 years old, chances are, any repair made will be more cost-efficient than purchasing and installing a new system. Here are some common repairs made to units that might cost less than you think:

  • Hot air- if your AC is blowing hot air, it could be the compressor or a refrigerant leak. Once these two components are checked and repaired, you’ll have cool air again
  • Loud, unusual sounds- an air conditioner should run fairly quietly. If you’re hearing noises, it isn’t a critical issue but should be taken care of promptly. Our technicians can locate the source and reason for the sound before it causes further damage
  • Humidity levels- an HVAC unit is partially responsible for pulling moisture from the air. If you’re noticing condensation in your home, it could mean the unit isn’t functioning properly
  • Musty smells- unfortunately, after spending a few minutes inside of a musty-smelling home, you might not notice it anymore. However, guests will definitely observe this when they come inside. This isn’t a jab at your cleaning, but a warning that there could be something wrong with your AC that is causing mold to grow

Keeping You Cool Since 1908

Dan Wood Company prides ourselves on hiring honest and knowledgeable professionals and providing 24/7 emergency service. Our company has been passed through several generations of hard-working contractors, with each one adding something special to the business. Whether you’re in need of heating and cooling repairs, plumbing and drainage projects, electrical work, or well services, we do it all!

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