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"Lead in Your Drinking Water" Understanding Your Risk Potential Dan Wood September 2019 The publicity of the Flint water crisis brought the topic of “drinking water quality” into focus like nothing previously in my life time. We often associated lead in our drinking water with older homes in older communities. Most people are not aware



How to Avoid Main Electrical Hazards

We’re all increasingly comfortable with electricity as it’s a central part of almost every aspect of our lives. Despite the importance of electricity and it’s many life-changing benefits, it nevertheless can be very dangerous. If not used properly and with caution, electricity can present a number of very serious hazards. Given these risks, we highly



Understanding How Humidity Affects Your Home

It seems counterintuitive that people are always complaining about the humidity and then going to buy a humidifier to put in their home. Or that you look around a friend’s home and see both a humidifier and a dehumidifier. After all, what could possibly be accomplished by having both? Humidity can be a confusing topic



Low Flush Toilets can Help you Save Water this Summer

Now more than ever, it’s important that we’re all doing our part to protect the environment and to take care of our planet. We depend on natural resources in all aspects of our lives, so it’s essential that we work to protect these limited resources. While this responsibility sometimes feels overwhelming, the good news is



Getting The Inside Scoop in LED Lighting

Many things can come to mind when you think about World Environment Day: wildlife, atmosphere, pollution, weather, etc.; but, do you think about LED lights and the positive effects they can have on your health as opposed to traditional lights? On June 5th, leaders in the United Nations will come together to discuss environmental problems