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Reliable electrical contractors in Portage.

From powering your lighting to ensuring your essential appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators work, your electrical system is key to keeping comfortable and safe. So what happens when an outlet no longer works or you’re having an issue with wiring? Dan Wood Company has reliable Portage electricians ready to help. We possess the experience needed to solve even your most complex electrical issues. Best of all, we service Portage and the surrounding areas, which means when you need us most - we’ll be there to help.

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Your Expert Portage Electricians

The electrical system in your home, more than any other system, is the most delicate. Not just because any damage can directly affect your comfort, but also because trying to fix it on your own could easily become a disaster. Not only do may homeowners worsen the issue by trying to fix it on their own, but also they could put themselves in harm’s way. At Dan Wood Company we are your reliable electrical contractors. We have a solution for just about any issue including:

While many homeowners may not think about it often, your electrical system is tied into just about every aspect in your life, Having a reliable residential electrician you can count on is essential, and we want to be that company.

Why Choose Our Experts?

At Dan Wood Company we are your complete home services company offering electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades. With a little help from our residential contractors we can solve even your most challenging wiring situations - and because we also do HVAC and plumbing services, this gives us a unique opportunity to keep the electrical systems on those appliances working as well!

So why choose us? With every service appointment we always offer:

  • Experienced Solutions: With our years of electrical experience, we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. Our staff is always learning and undergoing training to ensure we have the latest methods and expertise to keep the electrical in your home going.
  • Personalize Services: Every Portage home is different, and your needs are too. When you call us for residential electrical services we take the time to understand your issue as a way to provide you with quality services that offer exactly what you’re looking for.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: Our goal is to always be there when you need us most, which is why we have someone on call 24-hours a day. So if your power is out in the middle of the night or your AC goes out in the dead of summer, we have a technician that can help.

If you’re ready to experience quality services backed by years of experience, then give Dan Wood Company a call. We always prioritize your comfort and safety so you can enjoy a properly functioning electrical system at all times in your home. We can also help make your dreams a reality by upgrading and installing new electrical systems for all your latest tech and gadgets.

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