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Knowing exactly which number to dial when you’re in need of electrical work can be a huge relief. The professionals at Dan Wood Company understand that and will always make sure your home’s electrical needs are meticulously taken care of--as they should be. A breaker box or a fuse panel in need of repair or replacement is no exception to this. Although a fuse box may not be thought of on a daily basis, a malfunctioning one can be an annoyance and even dangerous.

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Circuit Breakers and Fuse Boxes

There is a decent chance that you are thinking circuit breakers and fuse boxes are the same. We understand, and it’s okay to refer to them interchangeably if you want as they do serve the same purposes. However, there are a few key differences in the two and we want to explain them:

  • Fuse boxes are named this way because they use a fuse to stop the flow of electricity. A fuse is a thin piece of metal that will melt if it gets too hot due to an overload of electricity
  • When a fuse melts, it must be replaced in order to restore power to the outlet or appliance that cause it to break
  • Circuit breakers use either a bi-metal strip or an electromagnet to allow for the flow of electricity. If the electric current reaches an unsafe level, a metal lever will either be switched off, or the metal strip will bend. In either instance, the circuit is broken and electricity can no longer flow
  • To restore power to the appliance or outlet that cause the circuit to break, a switch simply needs to be reset

Replacing a Fuse Box

Both circuit breakers and fuse boxes have benefits and drawbacks, however, many people are opting to switch to a circuit breaker. This is partially due to the fact that it is easier to flip a switch than replace a fuse in the dark. If you are considering replacing your fuse box with a circuit breaker, it is important to weigh each option carefully and speak with a qualified electrician. Although some people might want to switch to a circuit breaker, the financial cost of doing so may be far too high, especially since fuses and circuits are not completely identical in all electrical applications.

The Best Electricians for the Job

When deciding if you need to upgrade your fuse box into a circuit breaker, it’s important to talk to an electrician that can present any and all benefits and drawbacks of that change. Too often contractors will recommend this replacement when all that is needed is a simple repair. We understand both sides of the circuit breaker and fuse box debate and can help you decide which is best for your home.

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