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It’s not uncommon to have an electrical outlet blow or stop working, even in newer homes. When this happens, most people just find another outlet and forget about the one that doesn’t work. This is an acceptable short-term solution but in the long run, it can be a major inconvenience. A qualified electrician can easily repair an outlet as well as install GFCI outlets in areas that require them. Dan Wood Company has a number of skilled electricians that would be happy to repair any of your outlets and recommend places that would benefit from GFCI receptacles.

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Benefits of GFCI Outlet Installation

Although many older homes may not have GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) outlets, newly built homes are required by law to have them. These outlets should be installed in any rooms that run water, including bathrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, garages, and even outdoors. There are three main benefits to having these types of outlets installed:

  • Prevention of damage to appliances- if water happens to get into an occupied outlet, it can fry the appliance that is plugged into it. GFCI outlets will break the current before this happens
  • Fire prevention- ground faults occur when the flow of electrical current leaves a circuit and can cause electrical fires. GFCI outlets cut the power anytime a ground fault is detected
  • Prevention of shock and electrocution- GFCI outlets monitor inflow and outflow of electricity of an appliance. Basically, if a live wire inside of an appliance is in contact with a metallic outside, it would shock you if touched. GFCI outlets will know that the current has changed and cut the power before any potential shock occurs

Don’t Ignore the Problem

It might be easy to ignore a broken electrical outlet or continue using one that is loose. However, electricity can be complicated and having a malfunctioning outlet can eventually cause others to stop working. When we speak about loose outlets, we’re not talking about the faceplate, but the actual outlet that is used to plug appliances in. Outlets that are loose or no longer hold plugs can easily spark a fire behind the wall which can be dangerous to occupants as well as cause a total loss of the home.

Don’t Learn the Hard Way

Dealing with electrical outlets and receptacles can be a gamble, and unfortunately, you’re betting your life and the well-being of your home. Dan Wood Company has spent many years in training, and learning how to safely handle electricity all while providing excellent customer service. Knowing where to install a GFCI outlet isn’t a secret but properly wiring them and other outlets will require a bit more knowledge. Don’t risk a fire or your life, let us repair or install the needed outlets in your home!

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Ignoring broken outlets or not installing GFCI receptacles isn’t a risk you should take--call Dan Wood Company for all your electrical wiring needs at (269) 216-0002!