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Professional ceiling fan, light fixture, and chandelier installation in the Portage area.

Moving into a new home can be exciting--choosing colors, arranging furniture, and purging old items. Unfortunately, once you’re moved in, you may realize that the lighting won’t work well for you or that ceiling fans were never installed. Maybe you’ve brought with you an antique chandelier that you would like in the dining room. Whatever it is, Dan Wood Company can help install and wire it. Having a reliable professional that understands the technical side as well as personal side of business is important, and with our decades of expertise, we fully grasp both!

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Why Opt for a Ceiling Fan?

Choosing to install a ceiling fan will give a room or even a patio a bit more of a homey aesthetic. It will also help circulate air in that space which will make temperatures feel up to 10 degrees cooler. In addition to this fact, because the room feels cooler, the thermostat can be adjusted which can translate to energy savings. Finally, ceiling fans can be powered by batteries in the event of a power outage. This can mean a bit of comfort in an otherwise unpleasant situation.

Professional Installation is Ideal

Although it is entirely possible to install ceiling fans, chandeliers, and light fixtures yourself, it isn’t always the best idea. Here are a few things to consider before you begin the installation process:

  • Electrical wiring can be tricky as well as dangerous. For people untrained in this area, it can lead to zapping a finger or shocking your whole body. It can also lead to frying the light fixture which may be an even more difficult fix
  • Professionals know exactly how to secure a fan or fixture to keep it in place over many years
  • The addition of a dimmer switch is more than just changing a few wires, however, some fixtures and chandeliers operate or look better with this function. Electricians can quickly and safely add this feature without the same level of aggravation that you may face
  • Depending on the wattage of your new fixture, you may need more amperage to cover it. This requires an additional wire run from your circuit breaker making it best to hire a licensed professional

Hiring an Electrical Professional

Regardless as to which home project you’re working on, if it involves electricity, consider hiring a professional. Dan Wood Company has been working around and with electricity for a long time and we know how to handle it safely. Untrained hands can lead to painful or deadly mistakes. Aside from this, you won’t face the aggravation of guessing which wires go where, gathering tools, or wasting time that could be wisely spent on other projects.

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