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Dan Wood Company has been around since 1908 and in that time we have built a company based on customer service as well as knowledge of heating, cooling, electricity, plumbing, and drainage. Each of these services can be seen as individual, as well as intertwined--especially when it comes to electricity. This is mainly because electricity is what powers a number of things in your home, including hot water heaters, air conditioners, and furnaces. Because electricity plays such an integral role in the daily running of your home, ensuring it is working well and is relatively updated is important.

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Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker?

A fuse box and a circuit breaker are both types of panel boxes. The biggest difference between the two is in the way they stop electricity overloads. Fuse boxes use thin pieces of metal that will melt when there is too much electricity flowing. When the metal melts, current can no longer flow and power is shut off. Circuit breakers will stop the flow of electricity by bending a metal strip or switching a lever if too much electricity is detected. Often, if you are considering upgrading your panel box, it is to move from fuses to a circuit breaker. Although circuit breakers do not offer any higher level of safety, they do offer convenience.

Circuit breakers can easily be switched back on when there is a power overload. Once a fuse is burnt out, it will stay that way until it is replaced. If a backup fuse isn’t on hand, this means going to a hardware store, locating the particular fuse, and then replacing it. Also, you’ll have to replace the fuse in the dark or with what little light is available. This can present a problem for those that are not familiar with fuse boxes.

When to Replace an Electrical Panel

Even if you’ve already upgraded your fuse box to a circuit breaker, there will come a time that it needs to be replaced. There are numerous considerations, but can be broken down simply:

  • Homes 20 years or older- unless the home’s electrical system has been rewired, chances are the fuse box is the same age as the house. This means that it tops out at 60 to 100 amps. Newer boxes are made to handle upwards of 200 amps and are much more suited for the modern lifestyle
  • Warm panel- your breaker box shouldn’t be warm, as warmth can indicate defects, improper installation, or an overload
  • Funky smells- a breaker box that hasn’t been wired properly can pose a significant fire hazard
  • Appliance capacity- when appliances don’t run as effectively or efficiently as they should, the circuits might be overloaded. If this is not the case, the panel may need to be replaced

You Deserve the Best

When you’re dealing with the wiring of your home or choosing to upgrade your electric panel, don’t let just anyone handle the job. Allow Dan Wood Company to tell you what’s needed and advise on needed services. This will ensure the safety of your home and family for years to come!

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