Portage Pool & Spa Wiring Services

Detailed pool and spa wiring services in Portage.

If you are looking for a licensed, professional pool, spa or hot tub repair contractor who can provide the highest quality electrical services, wiring repair, maintenance and other electrical work in the Portage, MI area, look no further than Dan Wood Company, proudly serving Southwest Michigan since 1908.

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How To Diagnose a Pool Wiring Issue?

Diagnosing a pool wiring issue can be tricky. Some red flags include:

  • Leaky pump
  • Loud motor
  • Filter that does not appear to be functioning
  • No hot water (for hot tubs)
  • Higher than usual energy bills
  • Pool lights turning on and off
  • Jets not working as they should

If you have observed any sort of electrical disturbances or abnormalities, such as if your pool filter appears to be operating improperly or has stopped working altogether, it’s time to call a licensed electrician.

The dangers of electricity and water cannot be understated and DIY repairs are not recommended. Troubleshooting and performing diagnostic evaluations require a requisite set of skills and experience that professional contractors possess. Additionally, it’s important to remember that unless you are a licensed electrician, attempting to perform repairs yourself can result in voiding a manufacturer’s warranty.

That’s why Dan Wood Company can help. Our electricians have years of experience troubleshoot and rewiring pool systems. Whether your pump isn't working or those special lights you bought aren't shining, our expert staff has the skills to help.

The Importance of Professional Spa Wiring

It is crucial that spa wiring be done by a professional, licensed contractor, with continued regular repairs and maintenance. As with wiring a pool, installing and maintaining the wiring of a hot tub can be extremely dangerous, the risk of electrocution is high if the wiring is improperly grounded or poorly maintained.

Our licensed electricians will ensure that your spa is in compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC), performing any necessary repairs and upgrades. We can also help you install a new system from scratch - keeping all installations to code and testing everything before leaving your home.

Reliable Hot Tub Electrical Services

As with pools and spas, the wiring of a hot tub must be properly maintained by a homeowner by having a licensed professional perform routine inspection and maintenance, ensuring that the electrical system is in proper working order. At Dan Wood Company we want your home to be your oasis - and if you already have a pool or spa installed, you’re well on your way. However, when things aren't working as they should, it not only prevents you from using these appliances to their maximum ability, but also it can pose a health concern for you and your family.

Additionally, because we’re also licensed plumbers we can not only help with your pool and spa wiring, but also the plumbing connections that keep it working. With our full-service solution, we keep all repairs under one roof to ensure that they’re always performed to the highest standards.

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When it comes to pool and spa electrical - leave it to the professionals. Call our team at (269) 216-0002 for reliable help with installations, wiring troubleshooting, and more!