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Are you looking for a reliable, reputable electrical repair service company in the Portage, MI area? An expert contractor with decades of experience that offers high-quality electrical installation? A Portage electrician you know you can trust? Look no further than Dan Wood Company. Dan Wood Company has been proudly serving the Southwest Michigan area since 1908. Our electricians have earned the reputation as not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations, providing excellent service at fair and reasonable prices. We can help with general wiring issues, complete system overhauls, and even upgrades for all your new tech.

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The Most Common Electrical Repair Services

The technicians from Dan Wood Company are experts at diagnostically evaluating electrical problems and repairing them correctly and accurately. While we offer plenty of different services, there are some issues that are often the most common in and around the Portage area. Some of our top electrical repair services and symptoms include:

  • Flickering Lights: Whether it’s a faulty bulb socket or an issue with your wiring, a flickering light can be super annoying. If you’ve already changed the bulb to no avail, the wiring needs to be inspected.
  • Hot Outlets: The wiring behind an outlet is always grounded with a specific wire that keeps it safe to use. If your outlet is warm to the touch, produces sparks, or is in general ‘hot’ repairs are needed.
  • Flipping Breakers: Your electrical system is designed to maintain a consistent level of power at all times. If your breakers are constantly flipping - especially when you plug in a new appliance, a fault panel box or fuse could be to blame. Older breakers may struggle to keep up with the output in your home and may need a replacement.
  • New Wiring & Outlets: Probably the biggest complaint homeowners have is a lack of wiring and outlets. Whether you plan on installing a new fan, adding a USB enabled outlet, or simply want some outdoor lights, you’re going to need professional installed electrical to support those additions.

At Dan Wood Company we offer expert residential electrical troubleshooting, repairs, and installations. With a little help from our electricians, you can have a comfortable home that’s always firing on all cylinders.

How Are Electrical Installations Performed?

Dan Wood Company offers a wide array of electrical installations. From performing commercial panel upgrades to residential appliance installation, Dan Wood Company ensures that all electrical installations are done in compliance with building and safety codes. All wiring is safely and carefully installed after the building’s blueprints have been analyzed and studied.

At Dan Wood Company our technicians are proficient in all fields of electrical installations, meticulous and reliable. The company performs both residential and commercial electrical installations and has a vast portfolio that showcases its top quality work, indoor and outdoor.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on completing projects on time. We’re committed to customer satisfaction cannot be understated; installations are done in a timely manner, with the utmost attention paid to detail, meeting the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Finding Your Portage Electrician

As home and business owners in the Portage area, we strive to help our customers with all their electrical needs. Because we know the complexities and risks associated with DIY work, we provide fast response times. Best of all, we back our work with our customer satisfaction guarantee - so you can rest easy in your home.

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When you need a reliable electrical contractor, look no further than Dan Wood Company. Call us at (269) 216-0002 to get reliable help with repairs and electrical installations.