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You deserve to work with a company that is familiar with all types of heating, including those that might not be too common. Radiant heating is not a new type of heating, but isn’t as well-known as systems like a heat pump or furnace. With that said, Dan Wood Company is knowledgeable about this type of heating system and can install it in your home if it is something you’re interested in. We’ve been in the business for many years so we’ve seen, installed, repaired, and replaced all types of heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing units. No job is too complicated for us!

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What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating is a type of heating system that is typically installed below the flooring of your home. The warmth is either provided by electrical coils or by hot water that is piped from a water heater. This type of heating has been around since the ancient Romans and has been the preferred style of heating in Europe since the 1970s. It can be expensive to install, especially if done in a renovation and not when the foundation of the home is being laid.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

There are numerous benefits to choosing radiant heating as your source of warmth in the winter. As mentioned, it can get expensive, but people generally find these benefits outweigh that cost, especially if it is time to replace their furnace or heat pump. Here are a few of the top benefits of this system:

  • Efficiency- because heat rises and there is no ductwork to lose hot air, radiant heating proves to be one of the most efficient types of heating on the market
  • Even heating- radiators generally heat the air nearest to them and furnaces don’t always warm rooms evenly. Radiant heating warms all air in the home in a steady manner without becoming stuffy
  • Lacking allergens- when using heating systems that blow warm air, they often stir up dust, debris, and other allergens that can make breathing difficult.
  • All types of flooring will work with radiant heating so you are free to change your flooring options as you see fit
  • Pick and choose- radiant floor heating can be installed in every room of the house--or--it can be installed in only one or two rooms of your choosing. Even better than this flexibility is the fact that you can install radiant heating in portions of rooms like near your bed, toilet, or shower

Speak With a Professional

Although the price tag of radiant heating might be worrisome, we encourage you to speak to us about your options. Our technicians are experienced in all types of heating options and want to find an option that works for your home, lifestyle, and budget. Let us explain more about the benefits of installing radiant heating!

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