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Reliable generator repair and installation services in the Portage area.

Chances are at some point during a power outage you have wished for a generator. Or maybe you had a generator and it didn’t work when you needed it to. Either way, both problems can be remedied with the professional assistance of technicians at Dan Wood Company. Our team provides years of expertise carrying out generator services.

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Benefits of a Whole Home Generator

Power outages seem to strike at the most inconvenient times--when temperatures are soaring hot or during freezing snowstorms. This lack of power can mean dead cell phone batteries, food going bad, cold showers, no entertainment for the kids, and food that can be prepared over a gas stove. It basically is reminiscent of primitive camping without the benefit of wildlife, nature, and campfires. With this said, a portable generator may help alleviate some of these power problems but requires regular refueling and awareness of the harmful fumes it can produce. Opting for a whole home generator might be just what you need to ensure your comfort during the middle of a power outage. Here are a few reasons why these generators should be considered:

  • Fast, reliable power during a blackout; a stationary generator will automatically turn itself on which means the loss of power may not even be noticeable
  • Every appliance, computer, tool, or other item that requires power can be operated. You will not lose the food in your freezer or fridge nor will you have to sit in the heat or cold
  • Whole home generators protect from power surges that occur during outages which can save money, time, and headaches when it comes to repairs
  • Depending on the power source, your home can have steady power for 15 days or infinitely if needed

Choosing the Right Whole Home Generator

There is a ton of information available about whole home generators, portable generators, and everything between. This can make it tough to make the decision that is best for your home, electrical needs, and budget. Typically a few things that are considered include the fuel source that you would like and what is available in your area as well as the size of the generator needed. Another consideration is the type of transfer switch that is needed. If all of this sounds a bit confusing or you’re unsure about any of it--that’s okay! The technicians at Dan Wood Company can guide you to the perfect generator for your home.

Make the Right Call to the Right Company

Everybody is in business to make a name for themselves and to make a profit. However, the difference between Dan Wood Company and our competition is the fact that we want you to be happy and comfortable with whatever you choose. We work with you to learn about your family’s needs if there are budget restrictions, and figure out how best to serve each individual customer. With us, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when we are called to service your home.

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If you are ready for the peace of mind that comes with having a whole home generator, give Dan Wood Company a call at (269) 216-0002 today!