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You could face several problems with your home or office air conditioning system, especially during hot summer months. There is frequrntly a point of confusion as to whether the air conditioning system needs just a repair or complete replacement.

However, it is important to understand that air conditioning replacements are not always necessary. In several cases, problems could arise out of faulty piping, damaged fan or leaks which could lead to improper cooling or malfunctioning of your AC. These issues can easily be fixed by our HVAC certified professionals from Dan Wood Co.

Common AC Issues That Require an Air Conditioning Repair

A very common issue associated with air conditioning system repair could be unsatisfactory system performance. Other issues include incorrect air conditioning installation, poor servicing, insufficient maintenance. When a central air conditioner is not installed properly, it can lead to leaking of duct pipes and poor airflow. Several A/C owners also face problems with the drainage system.

A very common discovery is the wearing out of the fan and compressor controls. This specially happens when there is frequent turning on and off of a system. Wire corrosion is also a common issue in several systems.

Regardless of whether you air conditioning system is working properly or not, our experts at Dan Wood Co. recommend that you get it checked twice a year to identify any wear and tear with regards to various components. It also helps to check for any blockage in ducts and is the best way to ensure optimal functioning of your air conditioning system for an extended period of time.

Why is An Air Conditioning Replacement Necessary?

The operational life of a central air conditioner is usually 15 years. Beyond this period of time, it could take up a lot of additional energy to function. Also, when you air conditioner starts demanding frequent and expensive repairs, it's a sign that it might need replacement.

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