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You can have different types of cooling systems or air conditioning systems in your house. They can be installed in your room window or put up on a wall. They could also be moveable units in the house or central air conditioning systems. Irrespective of the type of air conditioning system, the basic elements remain for operation remain the same, i.e. compressor, refrigerant, coil for evaporation, expansion valve and condenser. You might need air conditioning installation help from professionals if you stay in hot summer location such as Kalamazoo, Dan Wood Company has certified technicians to help meet your air conditioning installation needs.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning System For Your Kalamazoo Home

Wan help install different types of air conditioning systems depending upon your specific requirements. Below are some common examples of air conditioning systems you may want to install.

Window A/C

The technical term for this type of air conditioner is a "unitary" system. The air conditioning unit in such a system is self-contained and put in a window or through an opening in an external wall.

Moveable air conditioner

Even in the case of a moveable or portable A/C, the air conditioning unit is self contained in addition to being mobile and can be placed anywhere on the ground in a room. It operates by discharging heat from an exhaust using a vent in an external wall.

Split/ductless air conditioner

The A/C system is broken into two packages also called in the ductless or split system and the tubing for the refrigerant goes through the wall. This connects or links the two units or packages.

We Also Provide Air Conditioning Repairs and Tune Ups

There are various types of air conditioning services that you could go for depending on your requirement. These basically include - general tuning up or repair, chemical wash/clean-up and overhaul repair.

A general service normally includes an air conditioning tune up (i.e. cleaning up of the air filter, blower, blades, coil and drainage system). These minor cleaning and touch-ups are recommended twice a year to keep the air conditioner in good operating condition.

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