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It’s okay if you don’t often think of backflow services or certifications--most people don’t. However, when you are forced to think about backflow, you need to know which company to call. Calling the first company you find on the internet could work out beautifully or disastrously. When you call Dan Wood Company for any backflow service or certification, you can trust that we will send a specialized technician to your location to answer any questions and properly install the best system for your home!

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What is Backflow?

In order to understand why you need to prevent backflow, a basic understanding of it is required. Backflow is the reversal of water or water and undesirable substances into the potable water system. Simply put, backflow occurs when water/substances flow backwards and is typically caused by changes in pressure within the water system. This change in pressure can be caused by many things including the use of a fire hydrant, sprinkler systems, or even minor fluctuations in the city’s water. The problem with backflow is that sometimes it’s not as obvious as sludge coming out of your faucet. The water coming from backflow can look just like the clean water you’re used to, which means you may consume contaminated water unknowingly if your backflow preventer isn’t working correctly.

No one wants to drink contaminated water, which is why backflow preventers need to be tested. If your city requires testing and certification, you’ll likely receive a letter stating that the results are needed within a month or so. However, even if the city does not require backflow preventer testing, it is still a good idea to ensure the device properly works at least once per year.

Types of Backflow Preventers

There are actually quite a few types of backflow preventers on the market. It is hard to say exactly which type is best for your location, however, our trained technicians can make the needed recommendations. Some common types of backflow devices include:

  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Double check valves
  • Reduced pressure zones
  • Atmospheric vacuum breakers

Each of these devices has pros and cons and vary in price point. No matter which of these you choose, or if you choose a different type of preventer, when it is installed by one of our technicians, you can rest assured that it will function properly every time.

When Clean Water Matters

We are all guilty of taking simple luxuries in life for granted and this includes access to clean, drinkable water. Even if you choose to buy bottled water to drink, everyday tasks like washing dishes and clothes, showering, and brushing your teeth can be affected by contaminated water. Dan Wood Company provides expert recommendations and service to ensure that you have access to clean water for everyday needs.

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