Portage Burst Pipe Repair

Emergency burst pipe repair services in Portage.

Owning a home in Portage means you’re no stranger to the cold weather, and one of the biggest liabilities for your home during those winter months are frozen pipes. Whether your pipes are outside in the elements, or they’re simply old and retaining water, could fall victim to expanding pipes. These burst pipe emergencies could be caused by expanding ice or excess pressure because of the ice blockage. Regardless of the cause, a burst pipe is a plumbing emergency and requires immediate attention. At Dan Wood Company, we offer emergency burst pipe repair services that can get you a fast solution without allowing damage to your home.

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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

The best way to avoid a burst pipe is to prepare your plumbing for the winter season. When you know a cold front is moving in, the first thing you should do is drain any excess water. If you have a pool you should always prepare it for winter by either draining it or covering it up. The same can be said for a sprinkler system - always be sure there is a waste valve in place to remove any excess water.

Once you’re sure there’s no water in your plumbing you should go around and open any outside water valves to ensure excess water is removed. After that, your best bet is to insulate any pipes that are exposed to the elements. This could include outside plumbing lines, lines in your attic, and lines in crawl spaces.

If you need help preparing your plumbing for cold temperatures, be sure to give our plumbing contractors a call. We’ll be able to give you helpful advice and tips to prevent frozen pipes.

Signs Your Pipes are at Risk of Bursting

While the main concern for homeowners in and around the Portage area is going to be frozen pipes, other issues could cause burst pipes as well. Be on the lookout for the following signs to tell if your pipes are at risk of bursting.

  • Continuous Clogs: If you’re dealing with clogged drains and toilets on a regular basis, there could be a more serious issue in your plumbing. Many burst pipes stem from excess pressure in your plumbing system - and a clog could be the main cause.
  • Invasive Roots: Are you noticing that some of your shrubs and trees are greener than usual? They could be getting excess water and nutrients from a damaged pipe. Any small leaks in your plumbing system could be the perfect nesting place for invasive roots.
  • Older Pipes: Like most things in your home, as pipes age they deteriorate. Eventually, this deterioration leads to small leaks, which can escalate into larger burst pipe issues. This is a higher point of concern during the colder months where your plumbing is under excess stress because of the temperature.

The best thing to do is have your plumbing system inspected on an annual basis. At Dan Wood Company we offer video pipe inspections, which can be a great way to assess the health of your plumbing before an emergency happens.

Reliable Emergency Burst Pipe Repairs

In the event that you do find yourself dealing with a burst pipe emergency - not to worry. At Dan Wood Company we offer 24-hour emergency services and can work quickly and accurately to complete all repairs to code. Because we understand that emergencies happen when we least expect them, we always have a team member on hand, ready to help you in your time of need. With over four generations of plumbing experience, we have the guaranteed expertise to solve your plumbing issues.

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