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High-quality hydrojetting drain cleaning in Portage.

Are your drains continuously clogging? Have you tried every DIY and store-bought method to no avail? When clogged drains are just too severe, hydro jetting may be your best option. At Dan Wood Company we offer expert hydrojetting drain cleaning that can be used to remove even your most severe blockages. This high powered removal technique is completely safe for your plumbing, leaving you with free-flowing pipes in no time!

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What is Hydro Jetting?

When it comes to drain cleaning the most common clearing method is snaking, which essentially puts a hole in the blockage, eventually allowing the water pressure to do the rest. This may work for smaller scale clogs, but for those hard to reach or deeply set in clogs, it just won’t get the job done.

Hydrojetting drain cleaning uses a highly-pressurized water jet to blast out debris for your pipes. A line is run through your plumbing to the main location of the blockage, and then an over 4000 psi jet of water blasts at the blockage, effectively removing it completely.

When Should it Be Used?

Most homeowners will go the DIY route for removing blockages in their plumbing. Store-bought chemicals may not only be unsafe for your plumbing, but also they might still struggle to remove the blockage. Consider hydro jetting services if:

  • Hardened Cooking Grease: There’s a reason your mom told you not to through cooking grease down the drain. As it cools and hardens, it can stick directly to your pipes, catching any and all debris going down your sink. Over time this small clog can grow into a massive blockage that traditional methods may not be able to handle.
  • Invasive Roots: Your pipes are the perfect source of water for deep tree roots. If these roots grow into your piping an auger won’t be able to break them down. The high pressure of a hydro jetter can.
  • Scale Buildup: Is your home susceptible to hard water? Scale is a hard water related symptom that is essentially a mineral deposit on your plumbing. Eventually, these deposits can grow large enough that they completely block off the flow of water.

Because hydro jetting equipment can hit such high levels of water pressure, it blasts away at just about very clog, removing it completely in a matter of a few minutes. It does this by coating the entire pipe, top to bottom, to get to ensure nothing is left behind.

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Establish in 1908, Dan Wood Company has over four generations of plumbing experience dealing with clogged pipes. Although hydro jetting services are relatively new to the industry, they’ve been a huge success because of their effective usage. Our Portage plumbers undergo extensive training to ensure we effectively handle these tools for the best results.

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