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Don’t risk a flood in your kitchen, your safety, or your sanity by trying to repair kitchen plumbing or replace your garbage disposal. Let the professionals at Dan Wood Company do the dirty work to ensure your kitchen looks and functions like new. We’ve been in the business for many years, with our company being handed down over several generations. This allows us to have extensive plumbing knowledge as well as exceptional customer service skills.

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Garbage Disposal Maintenance and Replacement

There are a number of well-known ways to keep your garbage disposal functioning well. However, these well-known tips are often exactly opposite what you should do and end up causing issues with the appliance:

  • Hot water is not your friend- your mother may have told you to run hot water when the garbage disposal is on. The theory is good, but in practice, this just allows for any oils in the food to pass through the garbage disposal and harden further in your pipes. In addition to this, hot water can cause the mechanical parts of the disposal to overheat
  • Ice won’t sharpen the blades- there aren’t any sharp blades in a garbage disposal system. In fact, the ‘blade’ of garbage disposal is more like that of a cheese grater, so ice may be harmful to the functioning of the appliance
  • Citrus isn’t the answer, either- again, your mother may have told you to throw citrus peels into the disposal to ‘sharpen’ the blades as well as to get rid of any odors. While it may smell pleasant for a time, chances are you’re covering up a problem that needs to be serviced by a professional

Instead of using these outdated methods of caring for your garbage disposal, the best things you can do for the appliance include avoidance of stringy foods (celery, eggshells,) hard foods (bones, popcorn kernels,) and grease. When it comes time to replace your garbage disposal, don’t attempt the job yourself. This can be dangerous because electricity and water don’t mix well, and can potentially break your new disposal.

Kitchen Sink and Faucet Replacement

If you are considering a complete remodel of your kitchen or just want to give it a more updated look, a great option is to replace your kitchen sink or faucet. This simple upgrade is cost-effective and will add value to your home. Although it is possible to replace one or both on your own, it is a better option to call us to help with the project. We can ensure a proper fit of the sink as well as no leaks from the new faucet.

Professional Upgrades by a Professional Contractor

Whether you’re looking for a new garbage disposal because yours is on its last leg, or you’re looking for a more modern feel in your kitchen, Dan Wood Company has you covered. We can help you choose the best faucet, sink, or disposal and then ensure your kitchen looks professional but feels like home.

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