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You rely on your sewer lines to remove wastewater from your home, which is why dealing with damaged sewer lines can not only be stressful, but also it could be unhealthy for you and your family. Sewer pipe repair is a complex service because more often than not, these pipes run under your home and are in hard to reach areas. At Dan Wood Company we have over four generations of experience in and around the Portage area, which makes us uniquely qualified to help you with all your repair and installation needs. We use the latest tools and methods to provide you with accurate results that limit your costs.

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What’s Causing Your Sewer Line Issues?

The more common cause of a sewer backup is a clog. Once you’re dealing with a serious clog, you’re going to need sewer line repairs. However, you can prevent these issues, by knowing what causes them in the first place.

  • Tree Roots: Any plumber will tell you to never plant large trees and shrubs around your sewer lines. Anytime these plants grow deep roots, they can grow into your sewer lines, eventually causing a block or a burst pipe. If you come outside to find a flooded lawn, chances are you have a damaged sewer line.
  • Old Pipes: As your plumbing ages, it deteriorates, eventually leaving you with leaking or extremely thin pipes. Because your sewer lines work under high levels of water pressure, that same pressure can eventually cause a rupture beneath your home.
  • Miscellaneous Toilet Flushing: Your toilet is designed to flush waste, water, and toilet paper in reasonable amounts. Unfortunately, we often see other items making their way down your toilet. Toys, cat litter, and baby wipes can all create severe blockages in your plumbing.

If your drains are working slowly, then a sewer line repair is needed. At Dan Wood Company we offer sewer camera inspection services, which allow us to get to the root of the problem for accurate and cost-effective sewer line repairs.

The Sewer Line Installation Process

Are your sewer lines too far gone for repairs? Not to worry! Our plumbers can help you with sewer line installation services as well. We generally offer two different methods depending on the severity and location of the sewer pipe damage. Traditionally, sewer line installation is done through excavation. The sewer line is dug up, the old pipe is removed, and a new pipe is installed in its place. This is extremely effective, but also could be expensive depending on the excavation needed.

Trenchless sewer repairs are performed by threading a new pipe into the old pipe for a secure and seamless fit. Generally, two holes are made for this method at either end of the damaged pipe. As the new pipe is fitted into place, it either blasts or removes the old pipe - this ensures a secure and leak-free fit.

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