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Your home is probably the most valued asset you own. It is a place of family dinners, celebrations, holidays, and many, many memories. With that said, the last thing you want is a major problem like a slab leak. Dan Wood Company understands this sentiment and can present you with every option available to fix the leak quickly and permanently. We have over many years of experience in the heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and drainage fields. This means that it’s safe to say we can fix almost anything!

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Signs of a Slab Leak

Slab leaks occur when the piping under your home begins to wear out over many years of use. Luckily, these leaks do not create damage right away and can be fairly easy to detect. The downside to this is that failing to repair these leaks may result in much higher water bills. Here are a few key signs that you may have a slab leak:

  • Higher water bills- yes, this is mentioned above, but it is worth saying again. If your water bill spikes and your water usage stays the same, this is a sure sign of a slab leak
  • Pooling water- because slab leaks come from the pipes under your home, it makes sense that when they occur, water will pool on your floor. Finding recurring puddles on your floor or carpet, especially in the same area is a red flag
  • Musty smells- when water sits for a long time, it will grow mold or mildew. If this mold or mildew is under the floor, you may not be able to see it, but the smell will be present
  • Loss in water pressure could indicate that the water is being lost elsewhere
  • Hot spots- having warm or hot spots on an otherwise cold floor might mean you have a hot water leak

Confirming the Leak

There are a number of steps that you can take to confirm that you have a slab leak. Most of these steps involve cutting water off, paying attention to the water meter, and possibly some guesswork. The thing to keep in mind is that if you’re experiencing several of the signs above, whether it is a slab leak or not, a professional should be brought in.

Hiring the Right Plumber

Generally speaking, most people use the internet to find a plumber. If finding a plumber online proves difficult, many people ask friends and family for recommendations. However, to make it easy on yourself, can just call Dan Wood Company. We will give you an estimate, find the leak, and then repair it. Calling us sooner than later will only benefit you because the longer a slab leak is left alone, the worse it gets and the more repair work that is required.

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You never want to hear that you’ve got a slab leak in your home. However, if you’re observing several of the classic signs, you need to call a professional immediately. Contact Dan Wood Company at (269) 216-0002 to request same-day slab leak location and repair.