Portage Tankless Water Heater Services

Professional tankless water heater installation and repair services in Portage.

For homeowners looking to upgrade their plumbing system and their comfort, a tankless water heater installation is a great way to do both! These small and convenient systems work more efficiently than your traditional water heater and give you access to a limitless supply of hot water. At Dan Wood Company we are your Portage plumbing specialists. We can help you find the right unit, install it, and ensure that it’s working correctly, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve in your own home.

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How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Unlike a traditional water heater that uses a tank and a heating element to continuously heat water throughout the day, tankless water heaters have a built-in heating element that instantly heats water as it passes through to your fixtures. Generally, this is either a gas-powered burner or an electrical element that’s built into the unit itself.

As water passes from your main water line, it moves into around a heat exchanger that is being heated by the gas or electricity. Eventually, it leaves the unit and flows through your taps at the set temperature. Because it’s heating water as needed, you end up with a limitless and continuous supply of hot water instantly.

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Outside of the fact that tankless water heaters give you access to a limitless supply of hot water, there are a few other benefits that make them well worth the cost. These include:

  • Money Savings: The main reason traditional water heaters cost so much in energy is because they’re continually heating water throughout the day. Tankless water heaters heat water as needed, translating into significant money savings on a yearly basis.
  • Extended Lifespan: Because of their limited contact with water - tankless water heaters are less inclined to suffer from the same deterioration as a traditional unit. This leads to fewer plumbing related repairs and an overall extended lifespan.
  • Added Property Value: Whether you’re planning on refinancing your home, looking for savings on property insurance, or just looking to resell your home in the future, a tankless water heater is a great way to add significant property value.
  • Easier Installation: Tankless water heaters are half the size of tanked water heaters and can easily be installed in cabinets and under sinks. This allows for easier and more versatile installation in your home.
  • Improved Performance: If you’re getting a tankless water heater it’s because you want improved performance. This means better water pressure, limitless access to hot water, and overall more control over your water temperature.

If you’d like to enjoy these benefits, then our tankless water heater service is right for you. Because we’re more than just a plumbing company, and also offer electrical services, we’re uniquely suited for your tankless water heater installation. From finding the right unit for your budget to getting it installed according to manufacturer standards, we take the stress out of service.

Our Expert Tankless Water Heater Services

At Dan Wood Company we’ve been serving homeowners in and around the Portage area since 1908. In that time we’ve learned a thing or two about water heater installations and tankless water heater repair. Our plumbing contractors are available for all your tankless water heater needs. We undergo regular and continue training to ensure we have the right skills and expertise needed to get the job done right.

Be sure to visit our reviews page to see what some of our past customers have to say about our work. And when you’re ready, feel free to schedule an in-home inspection of your water heater system to determine the best choice for you and your home.

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