Portage Video Camera Inspection Services

Accurate sewer drain camera inspection services in Portage.

Finding a leak or blockage in your plumbing lines can be a challenge, especially without the right tools. At Dan Wood Company we always use the highest-quality methods to provide you with accurate and effective plumbing repairs. One of those methods is our sewer line camera inspections, which allows us to get into your plumbing and find the cause of blockages causing drainage issues in your home. Through this process, we can get to the root of the problem and restore free-flowing plumbing in your home today!

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What Are the Benefits of Video Camera Inspection?

Plumbing repairs without inspections are basically guesses. For accurate results, a sewer video inspection is needed. This service offers plenty of benefits including:

  • Lower Cost: Anytime you’re fixing a sewer line, there’s often excavation needed as these pipes run under and around your home. Excavations are expensive and without knowing where the issue is, you could be digging up landscaping or driveways. A video inspection beforehand ensures the most accurate sewer line repair.
  • Pinpoint Accurate: By thoroughly inspecting your sewer lines for any blockages or leaks from the inside, you get to the actual root of the problem. These video camera also have an extremely long range, which can go a long way to inspecting those hard to reach areas in your sewer system.
  • Safe on Pipes: Where some other methods could put a strain on your plumbing, sewer line camera inspections do not. These cameras are small and safe on pipes because they fit inside with plenty of room to spare. The camera itself is also flexible, so it can get into hard to reach areas without coming in contact with the pipe.

A sewer camera inspection service is essential when repairing sewer lines. Because of their range and flexibility, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting accurate results that actually get to the source of the problem.

How Are They Done?

If you’ve ever seen a pipe auger, it’s essentially a flexible hose-type line that can push into your plumbing without damaging it. A sewer drain camera attaches a camera to this type of line and is then fed into your plumbing. It’s then pushed through by a trained plumbing contractor as it goes deeper into your system.

These cameras generally come with a viewing station up top, that allows the plumber to operate the camera and to see exactly what’s in your piping. Not only is this helpful to your plumber, but also it can give you peace of mind seeing exactly what the cause of the problem is.

Working With Our Pros

At Dan Wood Company we have over four generations of plumbing experience in and around the Portage area. Because we’re experienced working with sewer lines we know the best methods for repairs. Using our sewer line camera inspection tools we can find any blockage or sewer leak with pinpoint accuracy. This helps us keep our repair costs down, while still giving you a long-lasting solution that’s good for your plumbing.

A family tradition since 1908, we always provide customers with the very best services. Be sure to visit our reviews page before scheduling your next appointment.

Sewer drain camera inspection is the best way to get cost-effective sewer line repairs. Call Dan Wood Company at (269) 216-0002 for quality Portage services.