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Knowledgeable whole home water softener installation in the Portage area.

Water softeners have long been considered an optional part of your plumbing system. However, that consideration couldn’t be more wrong! Because Dan Wood Company has been around for over 110 years, we’ve learned each and every benefit of choosing the right water softener. Having one of these systems doesn’t mean your water will feel like a silky scarf, but it will improve many aspects regarding the quality of your water.

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Hague Quality Water

At Dan Wood Company, we work with the best brands to provide our customers with the best experience. As an Authorized Dealer with Hague, we can recommend and install the perfect unit to fit your needs!


How a Water Softener Works

Water softeners work by removing the significant amounts of calcium and magnesium that can be present. When these elements are found in water, it is called ‘hard water.’ Sodium ions are used to replace the calcium, magnesium, and sometimes iron ions. Water softeners are rated on the amount of hardness it can remove before regeneration is necessary. Regeneration is the process of cleaning the resin beads and adding more sodium to the tank to all the softening process to continue.

Benefits of Water Softener Installation

It’s okay if you don’t understand exactly how a water softener operates--it’s a lot of chemistry that you probably haven’t used since high school. However, you really should pay attention to the benefits of installing a whole home water softener:

  • Smoother skin and softer hair
  • Easier household cleaning due better breakdowns of detergents
  • No water spots on dishes, glassware, and utensils
  • No ugly stains or hard water deposits on bathtubs and sinks
  • Improved water heater efficiency (lower energy bills)
  • Brighter, whiter, softer clothes because minerals are not trapped in the fabric
  • Extended life of water-using appliances due to less limescale buildup
  • Less limescale buildup in pipes leading to better water efficiency and lower water bills

Water Softeners or Water Filters

Both whole home water softeners and water filters have advantages. Most people feel that they do not need both systems in place, however it doesn’t hurt. A water softener does not purify the water, it only replaces calcium, magnesium, and iron ions with sodium. While neither of these systems are mandatory, making the choice that best fits your home can be difficult. This is where Dan Wood Company can make your life much easier. We can analyze your home’s needs and your water consumption in order to recommend the best unit for your home.

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