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Portage AC Repairs and Replacement

You can appreciate the value of a good repair only when there is a baking temperature outside and you are relaxing in a cool and cozy temperature of your liking. Only Dan Wood Co of Portage, MI can give you the kind of superlative service which you have always wanted. Our range of air conditioning services include all kind of air conditioning repairs.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

A majority of modern air-conditioners give trouble free operations in their life cycle. However, like most appliances, problems which occur are mostly electrical or mechanical. You may call for an AC service anytime but you can also save money on your AC repair if you know a few facts:

  • Your AC does not start: It means that the thermostat is set in an improper manner or is defective. There may be that your unit is not connected to an electrical power source.
  • Air conditioner unit making audible noises: It is normal for an air conditioner to make noise. You can be sure of a problem only if there is a rattling noise. It usually signifies that the unit is not properly installed.
  • The AC functions, but your home remains hot: Check the air coming through the vents. If it is normal air (and not cold), there could be a problem of stalled condenser coils. This failure may have been caused by tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.

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We provide the following services in Portage, MI:

  • Air conditioner repair: Our expert technicians will first examine your unit and determine the problem. Estimated costs are provided upfront. Our technicians carry all spare parts to offer you the quickest repair service
  • Air conditioner installation: If you want to save money, buy a new air conditioner and install it. We will install it for you. We also do dryer vent cleaning and air quality testing.

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