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Portage AC Repairs and Replacement

Summer months in Portage can get very warm and you have been using your air conditioner extensively. But you are worried about breakdowns and problems when you least expect them. How do you know when your AC requires repair services?

Here are a few signs telling you that you need air conditioning repair services immediately.

  • Too much noise – You need to call an air conditioning repair company if you notice that your AC is creating more noise than usual.
  • Weak air flow – Defective AC units are unable to provide the right amount of cooling and you will feel that the air flow has decreased.
  • Warmer air – When you sense that the air from your AC is warm, you need air conditioning repair services immediately.

Dan Wood Company has years of experience in air conditioning replacement and repair in Portage. Call us immediately if you require any assistance.

Common Issues That Require Air Conditioning Repairs

Our air conditioning repair and replacement technicians are highly skilled and can tackle any problem that your AC throws at us.

Here are a few common problems that Dan Wood Company technicians can fix in a timely manner:

  • Inside coils are frozen
  • Outside fans have stopped working
  • The outside unit has become non-functional
  • Faulty rewiring
  • Low refrigerant levels

Is it Time For An AC Replacement?

Sometimes, air conditioning replacement is needed instead of just air conditioning repair. Here's when you need to replace your air conditioning unit:

  • Your AC is old – Older units guzzle energy. Replacing them with newer units increases energy efficiency tremendously, which in turn reduces energy bills.
  • Your needs have changed – You may realize that you need more cooling capacity or you need smaller units due to space constraints. This is the best time to get air conditioning replacement services.

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