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Owning a home is a rewarding investment, but it comes with many challenges. When you need repairs, maintenance or upgrades to your home in and around Portage, MI, there are a million companies to choose from. You deserve a company that can handle every aspect of your home, from electrical and plumbing to air conditioning and kitchen upgrades.

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Dan Wood Quality Home Services has spent the last century developing and expanding our skill set, so we can be your one-stop shop for all your home needs! Our expertise in five different trades allows us to build a relationship with our customers. Our high-quality work, flat-rate pricing and friendly service has created a trusted company that you can use again and again!

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Why outsource all your tasks to multiple companies? We’re the hassle-free solution for getting all your work done right the first time!

Plumbing Emergency? We’re Here for You!

A plumbing emergency is never in the plans, and when a pipe bursts or a kitchen floods, you’re facing damage and expensive repairs. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Never face a plumbing emergency alone with Dan Wood Company by your side.

Not only do we know how to handle any plumbing problem, but we can also resolve any damage caused. We’re uniquely qualified in multiple fields, to help your from project inception to completion.

Comfortable & Safe HVAC Solutions

Dan Wood Quality Home Services is one-of-a-kind for our ability to help you with numerous home repairs and upgrades. We’re specialists in the heating and cooling field and can maintain, repair or replace your HVAC system. We can provide optimal temperatures in any season.

Not only are HVAC systems a modern luxury, but they help keep the air in your home highly-breathable. Regular maintenance and filter replacements are the best way to keep your system pumping clean air as efficiently as possible.

Professional Electrical Upgrades

When your home exhibits signs of electrical problems, you need a professional who has your family’s safety in mind. Our licensed electricians are well-versed in the latest electrical technologies and codes and can prevent your home from electrical danger and unreliability.

Our modern lifestyles put a lot of demand on your home’s power system. When you’re short on electrical supply, we can upgrade your home to meet today’s modern requirements. We’ll make sure you have an ample supply of safe electricity for every electronic in the house!

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