Portage Well Abandonment Services

Professional well abandonment services in the Portage area.

When water wells are abandoned, they must be properly sealed off and retired to ensure no one is injured by the old well. With that said, it is the property owner’s responsibility to do hire a water well abandonment service company. Dan Wood Company has been in the business for many years and has been passed down for generations. This means that we have longevity in the business and a history of doing each job the right way while providing friendly customer service through each step.

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Best Practices: Well Abandonment

Water wells are abandoned because of their inability to produce useable water. Well abandonment refers to the practice of filling an old well with an impermeable material such as concrete, bentonite chips, or neat cement. It typically starts by removing any piping, wiring, or pumps from the hole that was drilled. After this is done, runoff water must be diverted to other areas away from the well, and then the well may need to be disinfected with bleach. Finally, the old well can be filled with the mentioned materials and sealed off so it cannot be used again or pose any danger to the groundwater. Because this process can be complex, it is best to hire a professional to properly seal off and abandon any water well.

Costs of Improper Well Abandonment

While it is absolutely possible to abandon a well on your own, it is not recommended. Local codes in the area is just one reason to hire a professional, but there are a few other complications that come with improper well abandonment:

  • Leaving a well exposed can open the door for surface contaminants and debris to make their way to other wells and into the groundwater. This could end up making other people quite ill
  • Leaving water wells improperly abandoned could cost you financially in the way of fines from local municipal governments
  • Wells that are not being used can pose a physical risk to anyone that may be walking in the area. If someone trips or falls because of a well, you may be paying medical bills or have a lawsuit on your hands

The Right Company for the Job

Well abandonment is a serious matter that can have dire consequences if it is not handled correctly. Dan Wood Company knows and understands this and has a working knowledge of the proper well abandonment procedures. Choose a company that you know has a reputation for providing great service as well as following the protocols and procedures for this type of job. Doing so will ease your mind and negate the chances of financial hardship due to a well being left open.

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If you have a well that is no longer producing usable water, it is time to seal it off and abandon it. Dan Wood Company has the right tools and understanding of the complexity of this service! Call us today (269) 216-0002 to request an immediate appointment.